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              Treatments for your Horse

Every horse I connect with never fails to amaze me, their intuition and acceptance of the Less is More approach is phenomenal. Here beautiful Cali enjoyed total relaxation in the sunshine as she processed the releases from the treatment. 





I am the principal instructor of the various advanced equine massage courses offered by Equine Holistic Training, I draw on my knowledge and experience to ensure each individual horse receives the most appropriate treatment for the presenting issue. I incorporate many specialised, gentle, yet extremely powerful soft tissue techniques into my therapy sessions. The various bodywork techniques that I use have vast physiological and psychological benefits for every horse.

Horses have guided me and helped to developed my intuitive skills over the years and I have become aware of my ability to tune into the horses' emotions and feelings, this led me to analyse the influence that trapped emotions have over the physical body and posture.

I now offer a complete package of equine holistic therapies which promote physical improvements and encourage emotional freedom.




How I can help your horse:

soft tissue assessment and release

advanced massage techniques

postural & gait analysis

myofascia release - tissue unwinding

craniosacral therapy

natural energy healing

meridian line therapy


tack assessments and saddle fitting advice


I am a fully qualified and insured Holistic Equine Massage Practitioner.

I am based in Suffolk and travel throughout the UK to accommodate my loyal customer base, particularly East Anglia,

 I also offer treatment sessions and workshops for group bookings in various other counties so do please get in touch to discuss your interest and requirements.

I treat horses involved in various disciplines and lifestyles and I work very closely with welfare charities. I regularly connect with the wonderful horses and ponies at our local Riding for the Disabled Centre, it's so rewarding to give something back to these animals who give so much to others.  

Please do contact me to discuss your horses' needs.

Horses carry the residue of past traumas


The Veterinary Act 1966 states only a veterinary surgeon may treat an animal not belonging to them. Within this act, permission is granted for other professionals offering specialised therapy to administer their treatment providing they have prior permission from a veterinary surgeon. I always work within my Duty of Care and seek permission prior to treating. I also recommend that a horse is referred back to its vet should I deem this necessary if a condition is outside any area of my professional field.

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