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Eireanne's Equine Sanctuary

Our rescued horses and ponies slowly learn to trust and accept love from us. They spend their days and nights foraging                        with their equine friends, playing, building friendships and enjoying a combination of safety with freedom. 

My Irish Draft mare, Skye, (Registered name: Eireanne's Pride) fulfilled my childhood dream of becoming my first horse. I had reached the age of 37 and finally it happened! I will never forget the feeling of riding my precious mare home on the most exciting day of my life. Skye had been brought over from Ireland by a local dealer and we found each other when she was on loan to a farmer friend. Skye was 7 years young at the time and she is now 22, we've had the most incredible 15 years together and I have so much to thank her for. Five years ago, Skye underwent colic surgery and had 18 feet of intestine removed due to an impaction. I'd never considered whether I would put her through any major operation and when I was faced with the two way decision, my girl stepped in and made it for me, this was another moment of enlightenment as I know Skye understood all the the vet was saying and she loaded herself into the trailer ready for her journey to the Veterinary hospital. Against all the odds and much to the amazement of the surgical and nursing team, my girl pulled through. Skye has taught me so much and if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing today. Having entered my life during a dark time, Skye is my saviour, my spirit guide and my earth angel.  

Peggy has been with us for 18 months now and she is such an adorable, kind mare with a loveable cheekiness. We took Peggy on from a local riding school when she was diagnosed with sacro/iliac joint and suspensory ligament problems. I had bonded with Peggy during my student's training days so offering her a non- ridden home for life felt so right. On the day we brought Peggy home, she immediately bonded with my mare Skye, I feel it was old friends reunited! She lives out 24/7 with our herd, they have shelter and plenty of space to roam, forage and play. Within days of coming to us,Peggy opened up to start her natural self-healing journey and she lets me know when things become unbalanced. I regularly offer Peggy remedial massage therapy, myofascial/ craniosacral release and energy balancing. We've had many moving healing sessions and during our communication connections Peggy tells me of her hard start in life over in Ireland, she has now cleared many of those demons. Today, brave Peggy runs around having fun with the rest of the herd, learning from my very wise Skye all the time.

I felt a strong connection to Blossom from the first day I met her and this lovely mare was a wonderful addition to our family. Blossom's spirit was completely shut down when she came to us 18 months ago, she was carrying a heavy burden of negative memories from her earlier years but it's been so rewarding to see her spirit return and feel her happiness. We gave Blossom time and patience and she is now bursting with enthusiasm for life, she is such a beautiful soul and always willing to be in human company. Blossom has a voice, all our horses do, we encourage that, life with horses should be a partnership.

This beautiful mare has previously worked, she knows all about being driven and has been involved in logging whilst still in Ireland. Blossom has also spent time in a riding school but objected to being ridden. Now, she only does what she chooses to do and why not.   

These 2 little munchkins are so cute. Our Mini Shetlands, Angel and Flic, joined our family 2 years ago. They have the most amazing bond with each other which probably stems from their previous life being left to fend for themselves on marshland. At the tender age of 22 and 23 years,  they love to get out and about exploring the woodlands surrounding our home, they have gorgeous energy, full of fun and cheekiness! No doubt they'll invite themselves along to join in my courses again this year and they usually steal the limelight!

My very own Mr Darcy who I initially met 7 years ago whilst living in the South West.

As an ex-eventer with a history of trauma,  Darcy’s physical body has suffered injuries, all for the human ego.

Four years ago, Darcy came to live out his days with me and I promised him I would keep him safe from any further abuse or harm. He is very soulful, wise, gentle and extremely spiritual. Sadly, he has been in the wrong hands during his competitive life and it has taken years to reassure him that some humans can be trusted. We have spent many hours sitting together and chatting, well mostly he converses and I must listen! He tells me off if I interrupt. We’ve had several discussions about his transition from this world but he’s not ready to leave yet and tells me he has things left to do before he crosses over. Darcy now enjoys a lifestyle of no pressure or dominance, living out 24/7 with his mares, he loves the adoration they send his way. For the first time in many years this beautiful gelding shows contentment and happiness. I know he intends to continue with the wonderful lessons and guidance that he's shown me over the last few years. As with all our horses, I love spending precious moments with this beautiful boy and I always treasure every second spent in his company.

Henry was four years old when he came to join Skye as a companion, that was thirteen years ago. He was a rescue pony from SWEP - South West Equine Protection. This wonderful charity took him and 15 other ponies in to their safety when they were found wandering the streets of Plymouth. Henry was one of hundreds of ponies who were rounded up off the moors and taken to market, when no successful sale was reached the ponies were dumped in the city, feral and in danger. Henry was a very nervous pony when he first arrived with us, he sought guidance from Skye and had no experience of human kindness. With time, patience, love and care Henry has flourished and grown, both physically and emotionally. He does endure Sweetitch in the Summer months and we manage this with various herbs and natural supplement, Henry totally understands the benefits of his sweetitch hoody rug.  Henry loves nothing better than some snow on the ground in Winter time and it takes him back to his natural habitat on wild open moors. Henry loves the mares and will prance his stuff to impress them whenever he can, he's a lovely gelding with a wonderful spirit and has formed a very strong bond with his Moorland friend, Fergie.        

Fergie is another moorland pony from SWEP, he was returned to them from his loan home when the lady passed away. I was visiting the charity with a friend of mine when I saw a very sad pony stood under some trees at the bottom of one of their paddocks, his head hanging low with no interest in life. The staff told me how he hadn't moved for days since being back with them. I stood at the gateway and sent healing energy, asking to connect with him. I will never forget this moment, Fergie seemed to come alive, he lifted his head, looked straight at me and trotted all the way up the field to where I was stood. Needless to say, Fergie came to live with us!! Despite initial disagreements between him and Henry, the pair of them are now inseparable and they live out their days foraging and playing.

Fergie is now 24 and is another adorable member of our herd.   

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