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Practitioner Foundation Course

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Here at Equine Holistic Training, we are driven by our ethos of improving the combined health and relationships we have with our equine companions through a system of sympathetic holistic education and understanding. We are super proud to be one of the first training providers in the UK to offer a genuine "holistic" equine therapy study pathway, with a passionate focus on empowering all our students to consider the "whole" horse throughout their learning experience and onwards into their career. With this at the fore, our training school has gone from strength-to-strength. This is because of the progressive world we live in in which there is a continued growing urgency for a holistic approach to our lives and the relationships which we have with those around us and the environment we all share. Students and clients alike of Equine Holistic Training can expect to improve not only their knowledge of the incredible inner and outer worlds of the horse, but they will also be taken on a progressive journey of self-improvement and self-discovery within themselves. The effects of their new knowledge will be far reaching, making the world a better place one person and horse at a time.

Students who enrol on our courses can expect nothing but the highest level of service and standards from a company with a wealth of experience and knowledge in the equine world. 

We will take you on an amazing journey and who knows where it will lead you once you have graduated. The world will open doors to you like never before. 




   UK Register of Learning Providers no: 10067095

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Practitioner Course in Equine Myofascial Release and Craniosacral  Therapy

 Our unique course is a combination of distance learning and one to one or group practical training sessions. 

The theory aspect is studied in the comfort of your own home, Module 1 is sent out as an electronic attachment upon acceptance on to the course. Each module will guide you further into the subject matters. As you progress through the course there are assignments and exams to be submitted from home, we ask students to only complete these assignments when they feel ready, students set the pace and their individual goals of learning, we have no pressurised deadlines. These assignment questions are the learner outcomes for the course and students will be required to demonstrate their understanding during the final practical exam.

This course will give you the practical knowledge and skills to develop a highly successful equine therapy practice. Myofascial release is an incredibly powerful, yet gentle technique, the horse’s response is phenomenal and Jilly, along with her experienced tutors, are passionate about sharing their experiences with students.

We offer venues in Scotland, Norfolk and Bristol and the non-pressurised structure of our programme really benefits those studying around full time commitments. Compulsory practical sessions are attended at various intervals throughout the training programme with at least 2 months before the next experience, this is essential to allow for absorption of subject matters, consolidation and growth. There are a total of 6 practical days to complete and 4 home study modules. The student must reach a satisfactory standard in the final practical exam and submit 10 case studies prior to certification being awarded.    

The Equine Myofascial Release studies will include:

The equine myofascial tissue system, when things go wrong and why, the physical and psychological drag effect of the myofascial tissue system, cellular memory, muscular and myofascial stress,

and the negative effects caused by scar tissue.

We will study the impact of restricted fascia in horses’ demonstrating one- sidedness, an uneven shoulder or chest and restricted forelimbs.

Much consideration will be given to the horses’ emotional influence on myofascial therapy and we will reflect on how the horses’ language plays a significant part in guiding your myofascial release therapy.

We will then move on to assessing and determining malfunctioned myofascial tissue.

What is myofascial unwinding?

How we release myofascial tissue and the relevant planes.

This subject matter would not be complete until we also covered the more common conditions treated with equine myofascial therapy.










The Equine Craniosacral section of this course will include:

 The equine craniosacral system, when things go wrong and why and an introduction to the multifidus muscle.

You will learn how to detect the incredibly gentle cranial rhythm and learn about it’s connection with muscular and myofascial stress.

As you progress further into your studies you will delve deeper into the physiological & psychological relationship within equine massage, myofascial release and craniosacral therapy. We will also introduce you to the proprioceptive sense, a subject matter which is often forgotten about!

We will teach you about the principle laws of equine craniosacral therapy and how the correct technique and intent can relieve restrictions in the horses’ jaw, poll and forehead.

It can also significantly improve malfunctions in the thoracic and lumbar regions

You will learn how the horses’ locomotion and posture influences craniosacral therapy and how the horses’ language guides your craniosacral therapy.Studies will also include successfully combining equine craniosacral therapy with myofascial release.

And again we will cover the common conditions treated with equine craniosacral therapy.

Course fee at the time of enrolment, to cover all theory, online tuition and feedback.

Payment at the time of enrolment - £750.00 (home study modules)

Practical Days - £180.00 - Due 4 weeks prior to attending

Final Exam - £180.00 - Due 4 weeks prior to attending 

 Enrolments for 2024 are fully booked and currently closed.*

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