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    Equine Holistic Massage Training & Therapy 

     UK Register of Learning Providers no: 10067095

    Equine Massage Training

     Hear our voice, feel our energy, heal our soul! 


    Hello and welcome to Equine Holistic Massage Training and Therapy, founded in 2003 by Jilly Craig. We pride ourselves on being one of the the leading and longest established holistic equine therapy schools in the UK. 

    We have international recognition and have many students currently studying with us from outside of the UK, including Italy, Germany, Spain, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, USA, France and Greece.  


    We offer a bespoke course which specialises in myofascial release and craniosacral therapy. 

    We also hold several one day introductory clinics and workshops covering the above subjects which are well-received and sought after. The genuine focus of our training school is strictly based on remedial, rehabilitation and healing for the horse. Our courses are second to none in the current field of complimentary training programmes for anybody wishing to build a successful career and live their dream working with horses.

     If you are thinking of training as a professional equine massage therapist who can provide a variety of soft tissue skills then our specialised, in depth equine massage and myofascial release course is the one for you. 

    Not only will you come away with practitioner status, you will also have a wealth of knowledge and highly valuable 'tools in your box' to assist you in building a hugely successful career. 

    Our courses are a flexible combination of home study and practical training sessions at various venues in the beautiful Norfolk countryside, and we pride ourselves on offering a non pressurised learning environment where students can take their time in consolidating new skills, consequently our graduates progress to embrace their new career with confidence and a highly professional approach.  


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                          Equine Welfare in your Hands

    Introduction to our Professional Courses


    Educational Workshops

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    Practitioner Course in

    Equine Massage, Myofascia Release & Craniosacral Therapy 

    Thank you for your interest, we look forward to hearing from you!

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